Six Reasons Why Once You Try Our Velocity Cartridge, You’ll Never Go Back

We, at Falcon Waterfree Technologies, are dedicated to developing technology-driven restroom products that offer the highest performance while conserving water. Over the last fifteen years, we have revolutionized the water conservation industry by investing in continual innovation. The Velocity Cartridge is our latest liquid cartridge to evolve from our ongoing efforts to provide the highest quality products for our customers.

The Velocity cartridge uses multiple unique design patents to provide safe, long lasting, odor suppression and save you an average of up to or more than 40,000 gallons of water every year. They simplify plumbing needs and help save the environment.


1. Greener Footprint  

At Falcon we believe that sustainability is a journey not a destination.  We are continually looking for ways to minimize our product footprint and this is no exception with our Velocity Cartridge which now boasts a 20% material reduction compared to our previous models.


2. Keeps Pipes and Housing Cleaner

We designed the Velocity cartridge with the purpose to make maintenance easier and more hygienic for our customers. Our patent-pending anti splash pour spout utilizes speed and directional flow to streamline urine through our housing and your buildings’ pipes; helping to effectively eliminate the mess and build up associated with our older technology and any of our competitor’s cartridges. Still curious? Take a peek at our how it Works video below.


 3. Reduces Restroom Odor

End user experience is important, odor is the last thing anybody wants to experience when using a restroom.  We invented our patented Velocity cartridge to help keep your restroom virtually odor-free by eliminating the area where bacteria can grow. Take a peek at our how it works video below.


 4. Retains Sealant Better

Worried about washing our your sealant barrier?  Worry no more! Our interior baffle allows the cartridge to retain its sealant barrier even under the most challenging maintenance practices, such as bucket dumping.  In fact, we recommend that you bucket dump at least once a week to help wash out your pipes.

5. Reduces Splash Back

The last thing you want when using the restroom is splash back.  In order to  minimize splash back we have integrated a diverter shield into the Velocity cartridge, reducing splashing while simultaneously helping to prevent debris from entering the cartridge.


6. Cues you when to replace

Not sure when to change our cartridge? Now you have a way to check! Our blue indicator ring at the entrance of the cartridge provides you with a visual cue that helps you know when it is ready to be changed.  As the cartridge reaches the end of its lifespan, liquid levels will rise making it more difficult to see the blue indicator marker, ultimately making maintenance easier.

We invite you to try our new cartridge and experience our revolutionary technology!  We can assure you, once you switch to the Velocity you’ll never look back.

For additional information visit our Velocity Cartridge product page.

TECHNOLOGY SPOTLIGHT: Edward C. Little Water Recycling Facility

In the face of a severe drought between the late ’80s and early ‘90s, West Basin Water District in Southern California transformed their business model from imported water wholesaler to a leader in conservation and water recycling. After receiving state and federal funding to design and build a world-class water recycling treatment facility in 1992, the Edward C. Little Water Recycling Facility opened its doors in the City of El Segundo.

Since then, The West Basin Municipal Water District has become an important provider of safe and high-quality water to the communities it serves. The facility operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, producing approximately 40 million gallons of usable water every day. It conserves enough drinking water to meet the needs of 80,000 households a year. West Basin works alongside with the Water Replenishment District to supply 75% of the water injected into the West Coast Groundwater Barrier, conserving 5,000 acre-feet of water each year. They are expecting to increase that amount to 100% in the future.


The Edward C. Little Water Recycling Facility (ECLWRF) is not only the largest water recycling facility of its kind in the United States, but it is also the only treatment facility in the country that produces five different qualities of “designer” or custom-made recycled water that meet the unique needs to the communities it serves.

The water treatment plant also contains a 60,000 square foot solar power generating system that reduces their carbon dioxide emissions by over 356 tons in one year’s time. This is the equivalent to planting nearly 100 acres of trees or not driving 890,007 miles. The solar power generated at this facility also supplies 10% of their peak energy needs.

In addition to their continuing sustainability efforts, their visitor education center created a recycling program to teach its visitors the importance of conserving energy and water. Grade-school children can also visit the West Basin Water Recycling Phase IV Expansion site to show them how valuable and rare water is.

In a future, where water demands might urge the world to create new sources of water, it seems that recycled water- in combination with building a more drought resistance infrastructure- has the potential to help us be more climate-independent. The Edward C. Little Water Recycling Facility is establishing the technology framework that can potentially help to alleviate California’s continuous water scarcity issues.


High Performance Key-Valve® Technology Is Out

There are many types of waterfree mechanical and valve cartridges, but none can compare to our brand new High Performance Key-Valve® (HPKV) Technology.  Our latest and most robust technology features a patent-pending Bell Valve that provides the best sealing and flow performance yet.


The HPKV technology will first launch in the Swiss Market this January, followed by a European and worldwide launch later in 2016.  We look forward to sharing our new latest and greatest technology with you this upcoming year.


  1.  MORE ROBUST TECHNOLOGY Our patent pending Bell Valve provides optimal performance for the duration of valve life span- resulting in better, long term functionality for customers.HPKV_BlogPost_pic2
  2. MORE THAN 2X FASTER FLOW RATE  Our High Performance Key-Valve® technology provides more than twice the flow rate of it’s forerunner model. See full product video on our YouTube Channel.
  3. RETROFIT CAPABLE  Our High Performance Key-Valve® features a drastically faster flow capacity, creating a better user experience and
    allowing the valve to be used in urinals that flush on a timed basis, without overflowing.HPKV_BlogPost_pic1.JPG
  4. CUES YOU WHEN TO REPLACE Our patented Key-Ring® dissolves with use, providing a visual signal that helps you know when your cartridge needs to be changed- making maintenance easier.Key valve Still 01_0184.png
  5. SMALLER ENVIRONMENTAL FOOTPRINT  Our HPKV technology has reduced its environmental footprint resulting in a significant CO2 footprint reduction .





In the aftermath of the terrorist attacks in Paris, the U.N.’s global conference on climate change has become more important than ever. This week, the governments of 190 nations will gather in the capital of France to discuss a possible new global agreement on climate change, and to re-affirm a shared commitment to addressing common threats.

Too often the risks associated with climate change are unknown or opaque. Only in the past few decades have scientists begun the measurements necessary to establish a relationship between current carbon levels and temperatures, and the science conducted since then has consistently pointed in one direction: that the rising greenhouse gas emissions, arising from our use of fossil fuels and our industries, had led to higher temperatures. The good news in all of this is that we are making progress and the Paris Climate Change Conference can only be even more beneficial.

Reducing carbon pollution has been proven to promote economic growth by attracting not only people, but also capital. The new generation wants to change what has been done wrong in the past and business owners are starting to get on track. Organizations are making it easier for companies to adapt and reduce the production of greenhouse gas emissions.

We are super excited to see the results after the Paris Climate Change Conference. What will agreement will governments produce for the decade after 2020, and potentially beyond? Follow the hashtag #COP21 on twitter to see what’s going on live. We sure will!


Every time we use the bathroom it is easy to take for granted the water being flushed that takes away all the unpleasant bathroom stuff in a blink of an eye. With each pull of the lever, gallons of clean water come to whisk away a few ounces of pee. It’s pretty wasteful if you think about it, and the current drought has helped convince facilities to consider waterless urinals and many other water conservation technologies. With rebates available and water saving mandates throughout the State of California, building managers are shifting towards waterless fixtures. However,  waterfree technology has had a  long road to market acceptance and this road has led us to rethink the technology itself.

Why does a urinal need to be flushed in the first place? If you think about it, urine is liquid and with gravity it will drain down the pipes by itself. For those who haven’t peeped behind the pipes and studied what goes on behind the scenes, the answer may not be so obvious, however we know that pipes need caring for and if you do not properly maintain any bathroom fixture, it will lead to problems such as odor and clogging of pipes.

These are exciting times for plumbing manufacturers and especially for us that want to save water. In April, California passed a new bathroom appliance standard requiring that new urinals starting in 2016 use no more than 0.125 gallons of water per flush forcing Californian’s to turn to pint flush urinals or waterless. However, one does not function like the other and each requires different types of maintenance. We have approached a crossroads where fixtures need to not only save water, but it’s imperative that they function properly without deteriorating the integrity of the existing plumbing system.

There is a fine line when decreasing the amount of water flushed down the drain. Pipes need more than just your regular daily trickle of water to work properly. This is the WHY behind our latest technology. The Hybrid combines the best of both worlds; you still get the three part system that functions daily without the use of water, however once a week the housing, cartridge and piping system flushes itself with a touch-free powerful one gallon surge that cleans your pipes and reduces your bathroom odor.

We are proud our technologies  have saved more than 20 billion gallons of water over the past 10 years, but even more proud that we are building a future infrastructure that will not be at the cost of the performance of the plumbing systems.



Welcome back! It is time for our Spotlight series. This space is reserved for highlighting all the great things our partners and customers are accomplishing worldwide. These companies, institutions and venues are as much a part of Falcon’s journey to conserve, as our employees. Let’s get right to it, shall we?


Since 1933, Green Bay Packaging has been integrating sustainable practices to optimize resources without compromising the world around them. From the initial idea of building a better box, whatever it took, Green Bay Packaging has integrated innovation, hard work, and an unwavering commitment to customer service as a part of the foundation of the company.

On our journey as a sustainable company, we strive on more than just saving water with our products. We believe that doing goodmust be embedded in our daily operational practices as well as our involvement with the broader community.


Not only does Green Bay Co. produces most recycled form of packaging that meets market criteria for performance and cost, but they also maintain forest lands and assists private landowners in planting more than five million trees annually. In total they have planted more than 110 million trees planted since 1971 – basically a whole forest!

Make sure to read all of their sustainability initiatives on their website. You will see that it ranges from environmental to social, and everywhere in between.


Article originally published on Environmental 

Industry-wide high-efficiency urinal (HEU) adoption now allows plumbing fixtures to respond to nationwide severe drought by minimizing flush volumes, the company says. However, new research has demonstrated that supplemental water flows help keep the pipes behind HEUs clean. Falcon’s hybrid urinal technology uses this insight and periodically sends a large volume of water through the pipe system behind waterfree urinals.

This patented technology functions as waterfree in daily use and automatically performs a full gallon (4 liter) flush of the urinal and pipe system every 72 hours instead of trickling a small volume of water with each use like other HEUs. Falcon’s hybrid urinal technology’s automatic flush only uses 102 gallons of water a year no matter how many people use the fixture.

Falcon’s hybrid technology provides maximum United States Green Building Council LEED points and consistent and quantifiable water savings for sustainability professionals or those responding to drought conditions.

The estimated water saving of our existing technology has saved a total of 20 billion gallons of water over the last 10 years.


Last month our team member, Michelle Khalatian (read more about her here) made a trip to Sao Paulo, Brazil to welcome the team and see what they have been up to. With our new acquisition,  we continue our strategic goal to be the leader in providing the most comprehensive water conservation technologies. Falcon’s existing technology has saved an estimated total of 20 billion gallons and now we have the opportunity to go beyond and reach different territories.

Here are a few interesting things in the restroom department, Michelle saw along the way.


This urinal functions as a sink and as a regular bowl below.


How much are you really saving when you use a low-flow toilet?


Open “The Big Thirst”, by Charles Fishman, to any page, plop your finger down at any spot at random, and you’ll probably come across something about water you didn’t know or hadn’t thought about. It’s well-reported and well-told and we hope that ultimately it’s going to have an effect on how readers think about water.

The thesis is straight-forward. The golden era of water is over. Abundant, cheap, clean water no longer will be available, even in developed nations. Even though it is the most vital substance in our lives, water is also more amazing and mysterious than we can appreciate. The author does a brilliant job at showing how we’ve left behind the century-long era where water was thoughtlessly abundant and have entered a new age of high-stakes water.

As dramatic as the challenges presented by Charles Fishman may seem, the ultimate truth is that we have more than enough water. We just don’t think about it, or use it, wisely. However that is rapidly changing. With places like Atlanta, California and Las Vegas going through major water crises, companies are making breakthroughs in water productivity. Knowing what to do is not the problem, ultimately the hardest part is changing and implementing our new relationship with water.

Our favorite quote: “Many civilizations have been crippled or destroyed by an inability to understand water or manage it. We have a huge advantage over the generations of people who have come before us, because we can understand water and we can use it smartly.”  



WATERisLIFE is a nonprofit that provides clean drinking water, sanitation and hygiene education programs in schools and villages in desperate need. This seems all too familiar, right? Another organization trying to solve water issues around the world. It’s great that people are willing to devote their lives to helping others and we are all on the same page when it comes to the importance of water. However, what stood out to us when we came across WATERisLIFE, is how and where they focus on making an impact.

Through community-driven and community-engaging programs they are able to work closely with other partners and local governments. With that said, they use community to create change and to develop new technology that will ensure households, schools, orphanages and medical facilities access to safe water.


3.4 million People die each year of water related disease, but the real issue is that most of them don’t even know how dangerous it can be to drink unsafe water. This is why, we think WATERisLIFE’s new technological development is nothing short of amazing. In partner with scientists and engineers at Carnegie Mellon and the University of Virginia, they created a solution to solve both of these problems. The drinkable book is the first to teach safe water habits to people and is printed on technologically advanced filter paper capable of killing deadly waterborne diseases. The paper functions as a coffee filter could and they have found a reduction greater than 99.9% in bacteria count. Which is comparable to the tap water in the US. This is amazing when you think about countries that have little to no access to clean drinking water.


3030020-poster-p-1-drinkable-bookThis invention is the first step in providing communities with a sustainable clean water source, nonetheless we love how they incorporate technology and science to tackle such issues. Innovation can come in a simple form, but with a force that changes an entire village in need. Kudos to WATERisLIFE!

Don’t forget to take a look at their website and YouTube channel to see how the technology works.