Welcome back! It is time for our Spotlight series. This space is reserved for highlighting all the great things our partners and customers are accomplishing worldwide. These companies, institutions and venues are as much a part of Falcon’s journey to conserve, as our employees. Let’s get right to it, shall we?


Since 1933, Green Bay Packaging has been integrating sustainable practices to optimize resources without compromising the world around them. From the initial idea of building a better box, whatever it took, Green Bay Packaging has integrated innovation, hard work, and an unwavering commitment to customer service as a part of the foundation of the company.

On our journey as a sustainable company, we strive on more than just saving water with our products. We believe that doing goodmust be embedded in our daily operational practices as well as our involvement with the broader community.


Not only does Green Bay Co. produces most recycled form of packaging that meets market criteria for performance and cost, but they also maintain forest lands and assists private landowners in planting more than five million trees annually. In total they have planted more than 110 million trees planted since 1971 – basically a whole forest!

Make sure to read all of their sustainability initiatives on their website. You will see that it ranges from environmental to social, and everywhere in between.