Revolutionising Hand Washing
We are here to help you elevate your product portfolio. You’re a global industry leader and we’re an innovation powerhouse. Together we can better the world through the next generation of water conserving technologies for the commercial restroom.

Development Process

Innovation Insight Our team is experienced in identifying emerging industry and conservation trends allowing us to stay one step ahead of the competition in developing revolutionary market-leading products. Design & Development From engineering to prototyping to testing, we do it all. Our turn key partnership truly supports you in every phase of product development. Market Launch With extensive international reach, we are experts in launching global products. Our assets and product campaigns have led industry standards for years and continue to push boundaries.

Global Brand Partners

Our patent protected products are propelling the industry forward and saving billions upon billions of gallons of water in the process. Industry leaders worldwide are elevating their product portfolio by investing in our technology.

Regional Distributors

We are THE trusted innovation developers for global commercial restroom leaders.

Collaboration Spotlight

With 20 years of experience as global pioneers, our cutting edge, patent protected products elevate performance, improve user experience and produce tangible environmental savings.

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