Southern California Reopening Promotion


It was a challenging 2020 while dealing with a global pandemic.  With the start of 2021 it is showing promise with vaccines and implementation of safe protocols.  As we start the process of opening safely in 2021, we at Falcon would like to do our part in supporting our customers by offering the following promotion.

  • Falcon will provide the labor at no charge to change out all your cartridges in Falcon/Sloan Waterfree or Hybrid urinals at your facility.
  • During the cartridge change out we will provide a diagnostic report of your urinals and provide any corrective action items that may be necessary for optimal operation.


  • Reopen with fresh cartridges providing the most hygienic experience.
  • Idle unused cartridges have the potential to dry out and solidify struvite material in the cartridge greatly accelerating its end of life.
  • Before you are back to full capacity at your facility, it provides a good time to change out your cartridges with the least amount of disruption.
  • With fresh cartridges there will be no need for any change outs for 3 to 4 months, the average life span of a cartridge under normal usage.
  • With Janitorial and Engineering staffs focusing on opening safely this will be one less item that they need to address.

Terms and Conditions

  • Only authorized Falcon/Sloan cartridges are to be used and provided by the customer in replacing existing cartridges.
  • If cartridges other than Falcon/Sloan are currently being used, we will require authorized Falcon/Sloan cartridges be used and provided by the customer. This will be done with the understanding that only Falcon/Sloan cartridges are to be used on subsequent change outs.  In addition, by using Falcon/Sloan cartridges the IAPMO certification will remain in effect.
  • Participation will require the following information.
    • Point of contact for change out project; name/email/phone.
    • Location of facility.
    • Number of cartridges to be changed out.
  • If more than one location, please provide the above information for each.
  • For customers outside of the Southern California Region please contact your local representative if any reopening promotions are available.