Every time we use the bathroom it is easy to take for granted the water being flushed that takes away all the unpleasant bathroom stuff in a blink of an eye. With each pull of the lever, gallons of clean water come to whisk away a few ounces of pee. It’s pretty wasteful if you think about it, and the current drought has helped convince facilities to consider waterless urinals and many other water conservation technologies. With rebates available and water saving mandates throughout the State of California, building managers are shifting towards waterless fixtures. However,  waterfree technology has had a  long road to market acceptance and this road has led us to rethink the technology itself.

Why does a urinal need to be flushed in the first place? If you think about it, urine is liquid and with gravity it will drain down the pipes by itself. For those who haven’t peeped behind the pipes and studied what goes on behind the scenes, the answer may not be so obvious, however we know that pipes need caring for and if you do not properly maintain any bathroom fixture, it will lead to problems such as odor and clogging of pipes.

These are exciting times for plumbing manufacturers and especially for us that want to save water. In April, California passed a new bathroom appliance standard requiring that new urinals starting in 2016 use no more than 0.125 gallons of water per flush forcing Californian’s to turn to pint flush urinals or waterless. However, one does not function like the other and each requires different types of maintenance. We have approached a crossroads where fixtures need to not only save water, but it’s imperative that they function properly without deteriorating the integrity of the existing plumbing system.

There is a fine line when decreasing the amount of water flushed down the drain. Pipes need more than just your regular daily trickle of water to work properly. This is the WHY behind our latest technology. The Hybrid combines the best of both worlds; you still get the three part system that functions daily without the use of water, however once a week the housing, cartridge and piping system flushes itself with a touch-free powerful one gallon surge that cleans your pipes and reduces your bathroom odor.

We are proud our technologies  have saved more than 20 billion gallons of water over the past 10 years, but even more proud that we are building a future infrastructure that will not be at the cost of the performance of the plumbing systems.