We are excited to have signed the Building and Real Estate Climate Declaration! Ceres, the U.S. Green Building Council, and the Carbon Leadership Forum, has launched the campaign of the Climate Declaration.

More than 1,500 U.S. businesses have signed on to the Climate Declaration – but the buildings and real estate sector is underrepresented. Becoming a signatory is more than just words — it underscores our view that climate change is a serious global challenge that represents a major economic opportunity in terms of energy savings. And we are happy to be a part of it!

The Building and Real Estate Climate Declaration provides an opportunity for the entire sector –architects and engineers, building product manufacturers, contractors, developers and real estate investors – to take a stand on climate in an impactful way. The Climate Declaration will demonstrate strong business support from building-sector companies for taking action on climate change and energy policy at all levels. And it will spotlight the critical role that companies in the buildings and real estate sector play in advancing energy efficiency and distributed renewable energy, reducing embodied carbon in materials, and developing other innovations that reduce carbon emissions throughout building life cycles.

Spread the word and sign the declaration!