High Performance Key-Valve® Technology Is Out

There are many types of waterfree mechanical and valve cartridges, but none can compare to our brand new High Performance Key-Valve® (HPKV) Technology.  Our latest and most robust technology features a patent-pending Bell Valve that provides the best sealing and flow performance yet.


The HPKV technology will first launch in the Swiss Market this January, followed by a European and worldwide launch later in 2016.  We look forward to sharing our new latest and greatest technology with you this upcoming year.


  1.  MORE ROBUST TECHNOLOGY Our patent pending Bell Valve provides optimal performance for the duration of valve life span- resulting in better, long term functionality for customers.HPKV_BlogPost_pic2
  2. MORE THAN 2X FASTER FLOW RATE  Our High Performance Key-Valve® technology provides more than twice the flow rate of it’s forerunner model. See full product video on our YouTube Channel.
  3. RETROFIT CAPABLE  Our High Performance Key-Valve® features a drastically faster flow capacity, creating a better user experience and
    allowing the valve to be used in urinals that flush on a timed basis, without overflowing.HPKV_BlogPost_pic1.JPG
  4. CUES YOU WHEN TO REPLACE Our patented Key-Ring® dissolves with use, providing a visual signal that helps you know when your cartridge needs to be changed- making maintenance easier.Key valve Still 01_0184.png
  5. SMALLER ENVIRONMENTAL FOOTPRINT  Our HPKV technology has reduced its environmental footprint resulting in a significant CO2 footprint reduction .