Article originally published on Environmental 

Industry-wide high-efficiency urinal (HEU) adoption now allows plumbing fixtures to respond to nationwide severe drought by minimizing flush volumes, the company says. However, new research has demonstrated that supplemental water flows help keep the pipes behind HEUs clean. Falcon’s hybrid urinal technology uses this insight and periodically sends a large volume of water through the pipe system behind waterfree urinals.

This patented technology functions as waterfree in daily use and automatically performs a full gallon (4 liter) flush of the urinal and pipe system every 72 hours instead of trickling a small volume of water with each use like other HEUs. Falcon’s hybrid urinal technology’s automatic flush only uses 102 gallons of water a year no matter how many people use the fixture.

Falcon’s hybrid technology provides maximum United States Green Building Council LEED points and consistent and quantifiable water savings for sustainability professionals or those responding to drought conditions.

The estimated water saving of our existing technology has saved a total of 20 billion gallons of water over the last 10 years.