A year ago, this blog was a simple idea scribbled on several pieces of paper scattered throughout our office. We wanted to tell our story, so we set out on a journey to create a meaningful conversation and to connect with like-minded people like you. What a year this has been! There aren’t enough words to thank all of you for following along and making this engagement transcend the online world. For that we thank you!

To celebrate our one year Blogiversary we rounded up a list of our favorite posts. Click on the links below and come along on a trip down memory lane…. It’s not a long one, however it was definitely worth the ride!

It all started with a Welcome and a introduction.

We then later opened the curtains to a small product photoshoot held in the back of our LA office.

Talked about drinking water that was derived from wastewater sounds gross and unreliable, but is actually the contrary.

Pulled out the grill for our summer BBQ.

And featured Higher Education partners that are taking sustainability to the next level.

August was the time to debut our new Velocity cartridge and share a few must-see water related documentaries.

Followed by our brand new website and California’s ever growing water challenge.

We went to GreenBuild in New Orleans and then talked about this amazing ten-year journey through our endangered polar regions.

In December, we had the honor of interviewing Jocelyn Corbett from B Lab, and wrapped up the year with a every exciting announcement.

2015 started off with partnerships with Kounkuey Design Institute and pro golfer Jason Gore.

The next few months were packed with Do Good Bus rides, flights to Frankfurt, and World Water Day celebration.

To end this year on a (very) good note, B Corp announced Falcon as the Best for the World Environment!!!

Hope you are enjoying the ride as much as we are! We couldn’t have done this without your support. If you have any suggestions for blog posts, themes or even someone to interview, feel free to send us a message.