“Take that, California drought!” was San Mateo High School’s attitude when they initiated the Urinetown project back in January.

With the drought on their mind and a passion to change the future, students from both the theatrical production and Environmental Science class joined forces to create awareness and raise funds to retrofit the urinals throughout the school.

This is an incredible example of leadership within a community. Californians have been living through a major drought and it was only a matter of time for people to start fighting for a more sustainable way of living. This student run campaign in drought stricken region shows that sometimes you have to take matters into your own hands. Throughout the golden state, water districts have been encouraging residents and businesses to retrofit appliances, landscape offering rebates. However, it is not everywhere you are able to find such programs and cities need to be reminded that this is no longer an option. San Mateo does not have access to rebate programs and like fellow Californians, they have experienced first hand the severity of ongoing drought. Whereas in their case, the student body came together to help change. Students took lead of the future with hopes that city government will follow. Nothing short of amazing!

It all started with the Broadway musical, Urinetown. Followed by an Earth Day rally to generate more funds to retrofit all bathrooms in the school.


IMG_2508IMG_2505Because of student initiative and partnership Falcon helped retrofit the remaining waterfed urinals to waterfree. Giving San Mateo’s students what they so desired from the start: a more sustainable environment for the school.

Part of being a B Corp is giving back locally and when communities come together to generate good, we can’t help but feel excited. This is what propels us to work harder everyday. When you have people making it their mission to conserve water for both ourselves and future generations, it all makes sense. We are using the power of business to do good, and are extremely happy it reached San Mateo High. #BtheChange