Powerhouse Kjørbo

Location: Sandvika, Norway

Opened: 2014

Powerhouse is a renovation of a building that had started out green with regular solar panels. However, as after becoming the Powerhouse, it turned into an energy positive building, which means that over a lifespan of 60 years, this Norwegian office produces more energy that it consumes.


Pricewaterhouse Coopers

Location: London

Refurbished in 2013

It was initially built in the early 1900’s and was the first to use air rights in the UK. A century later, it was refurbished for energy efficiency and has a tri-generation cooling system powered by recycled, refined vegetable oil. In addition, they installed waterless urinals and low-flow toilets throughout the building to help lower water usage. During the refurbishing, 95% of materials used were sourced responsively and 96% of the waste was diverted from a landfill.



Deloitte Headquarters

Location: Amsterdam

Opened: 2014

The Deloitte corporate HQ is 430,000 square feet with passive temperature control, energy efficient design, and it generates its own electricity with solar panels. In addition to an aquifer thermal system that heats and cools the building, they have graywater collection that is used for flushing toilets and watering plants.


The Co-Operative Group Headquarters

Location: Manchester, England

Opened: 2013


One of the most unusually, yet fascinating features of the Co-Operative Group HQ, is that its power is generated by crops grown on the co-op’s farms. Heating and cooling are conducted using air drawn from below the basement, in addition to a double-skin facade that helps insulate it in cold weather while allowing ventilation in the summertime.



The Bullitt Center

Location: Seattle

Opened: Earth Day, April 22, 2013

This building does not do anything halfway. Instead of pursuing just a few items on the “green building” list, they went for all of them. Net zero energy, net zero water, carbon, composting toilets, toxic-free materials, 80 plus percent day lighting using high performance windows. Name it and they are using it.



Location: Munich

Opened: 2013

All energy used in the NuOffice building is renewable. Part coming from the greenery and the solar panels installed on it’s roof. The walls are also thick and insulated to keep heat or cool air inside depending on the season.


The Tower at PNC Plaza

Location: Pittsburg

Opens: this year. It is currently 83% complete

The tower will be approximately 30-story and 800,00 square foot “breathing” building. The construction is focused on a natural ventilation system where the opening of doors and windows allows a flow of air throughout the building. Energy will also be produced by solar assistance and green roofs, that will be harvested by rainwater.