It was a regular Tuesday afternoon when the email came through our inbox. It was like any other newsletter, however we couldn’t help but feel enthusiastic about what we were about to read.The U.S Water Alliance (USWA) had announced the winners for the 5th annual Water Prize award and one name particularly popped out.

A little background on the prize first…The U.S. Water Prize was created by the USWA to elevate organizations with strategies that promote the value of water and the power of innovating and integrating for water sustainability. These organizations usually are at the forefront of protecting U.S. watersheds; through technology, collaboration, and education they drive the country to a more sustainable water future.

The reason why we were excited when opening that email, was we read that our friends at the City of San Diego Public Utilities Department were one of the 2015 winners; with their Water Purification Demonstration Project as the award-winning effort. The project findings are helping develop standards for potable reuse across the country and enabling the City to move forward with Pure Water San Diego, a 20-year water reuse program to supply 83 million gallons per day of drinking water locally by 2035.

We are thrilled for this announcement and send big congrats to all in the San Diego Public Utilities Department.

For more info on the winners click here.