In December 1994 the United Nations General Assembly declared 17th June as the World Day to Combat Desertification and Drought. The UN acknowledged that problems associated with desertification and drought affect all regions of the world and the problem needs to be fully discussed world-wide.

This is why, today is such an important day for us. Today we are able to promote awareness through an international community that has been doing so for 18 years. Even though these issues go beyond our daily efforts in an urban environment, we embrace it full heatedly. And what better organization to partner with than DIGDEEP to celebrate this day?

Every human being has a right to clean water and they are doing something about it. DIGDEEP promotes a human’s access to water, transforming their lives by building clean water infrastructure therefore helping to safeguard human dignity. Each of their water projects is designed using a human rights-centric approach, a practical model that integrates efficacy and dignity into the plans and processes of development through community involvement and training. Read more about their organization and projects here.

If you want to be a part of this discussion, join us today at 11 am PST on twitter using #DroughtDay. Let’s get the conversation going. We are in this together and as a community we are able to push any change forward!

To see all other events taking place around the world head over to the United Nation’s website.