On Wednesday, we took the time to celebrate Drought Day. It was a very successful online gathering and we discussed issues such as drought shamming, mandatory water restrictions and water dependency in Los Angeles. One thing that caught our attention during the ongoing conversation, was the motivation in people to change certain daily habits in order to save water. Things like eating less meat and taking shorter showers were mentioned several times, so we thought it would be cool to put a few graphics together to show how much we can save. By changing a few simple things in our daily routine, we can make a difference. You know your go-to pair of jeans? You don’t have to wash them every week.

Use them more, let them be as comfy as possible and you can reduce water usage by 77%! Who knew dirty jeans could go this far?!

How else can you save water? Share ideas on twitter and Instagram with #falconwaterfacts. Have a fantastic weekend.