The Halftime Flush Goes “Hush” – The Legend of the Halftime Flush is Silenced by Waterfree “Urinal of Champions”

Dec. 28, 2009

Los Angeles, CA – As restroom traffic kicks into overdrive during championship bowl games, water departments may find themselves waiting for a halftime surge that will never happen. The legendary halftime flush has been silenced at The Rose Bowl Stadium and Land Shark Stadium (host of Super Bowl XLIV), by hundreds of ‘conservation bowls,’ otherwise known as waterfree urinals.

The Rose Bowl Stadium in Pasadena will host the 96th Rose Bowl Game on January 1 and the BCS National Championship on January 7, and not a single urinal will flush,thanks to the fact that all the state-of-the-art urinals operate without requiring any water. According to Jess Waiters, Chief Operations Office of The Rose Bowl Stadium, the Falcon Waterfree urinals were installed eight years ago in response to drought conditions that have not yet relented. “The waterfree urinals save hundreds of thousands of gallons of water and we prefer that water be used for better causes in our very dry community.”

Super Bowl XLIV returns to Miami on February 7, and while the name of the stadium has changed to Land Shark Stadium, the 220 Falcon Waterfree urinals will take on their second Super Bowl. To put the water savings into perspective, a keg of beer contains 15 gallons and the water savings resulting from waterfree urinals at these three upcoming bowl games alone is enough to fill 13,120 kegs. If stacked, the kegs would reach 20-times higher than the Empire State Building.

Saving water is only one of the benefits of waterfree urinals, according to Waiters. The waterfree urinals operate without any mechanical components, which means that repairing leaking valves is a thing of the past. Without water there are no flush plumes, resulting in more hygienic restrooms. By saving a lot of water and scoring extra points with fans and maintenance crews, Falcon Waterfree urinals have earned the nickname of “Urinal of Champions.” Other major sports venues that utilize the waterfree, odor free, maintenance free urinals include Los Angeles Dodger Stadium, Las Vegas Motor Speedway, Staples Center in Los Angeles, and the “Big House” at the University of Michigan.

About Falcon Waterfree Technologies
Falcon Waterfree Technologies is the most widely installed brand of waterfree urinal. The company, with international headquarters in Los Angeles, was formed to promote conservation of the Earth’s limited supply of fresh water and support sustainable resource management. Falcon Waterfree products are in use around the world in stadiums and arenas, schools and universities, airports and every type of commercial and institutional facility, and supported by offices in Barcelona, Beijing, Frankfurt, Grand Rapids, Istanbul, Manila, and Zurich.