Jamison Services Installs Hundreds of Falcon Waterfree Urinals in California Class-A Office Buildings to Upgrade and Improve Restrooms

Mar. 05, 2010

Los Angeles, CA – Jamison Services, one of the top commercial property management firms in California, has joined a rapidly expanding list of building owners and managers with tens of millions of square feet of Class-A office space across the country that have selected Falcon Waterfree urinals. As facility managers across the globe stage head-to-head sustainability competitions, as Jamison did, to weigh options for water efficiency, hygiene, and total cost savings, Falcon Waterfree continues to win and has become the gold standard by which all urinals are measured.

Businesses and institutions such as Bank of America, Cisco, Century Plaza Towers, Adobe, Watt Plaza and now Jamison have adopted the patented technology of Falcon Waterfree urinals to deliver triple bottom line results: the water conservation and cost reduction contribute to environmental and cost reduction objectives, while superior hygiene and odor-free operation of Falcon Waterfree urinals contribute to healthier work environments.

“For the past 3 years, we’ve investigated all options for retrofitting our existing urinals, from 1/8 gallon flushing urinals to all available brands of non-water urinals,” explained Jeff Jorgenson, Chief Engineer at Jamison Services. “For our 35 buildings in the greater LA area, totaling over 5 million square feet and over 400 existing urinals, we are satisfied with our selection of Falcon. Not only for the tens of millions of gallons of water saved each year, but because they perform as promised. This includes lowest operating costs, elimination of plumbing emergencies, and odor-free operation.”

Acceptance by building tenants was also a key factor, according to Jorgenson. With tenants that include medical, law, government, and other business professionals, Jamison found acceptance of waterfree urinals to be quick and positive.

More than 180,000 Falcon Waterfree urinals have been installed to date, saving an estimated 7.2 billion gallons of fresh water and 64,800 tons of CO2 emissions per year, savings that have dramatically increased due to wide-spread urinal retrofits such as those in California commercial office buildings managed by Jamison.

About Falcon Waterfree Technologies
Falcon Waterfree Technologies is the most popular and widely installed brand of waterfree urinal in the world. The company was formed to promote conservation of the Earth’s limited supply of fresh water and support sustainable resource management. Falcon products are in use in 45 countries around the world, in stadiums and arenas, schools and universities, airports and every type of commercial and institutional facility.
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