ISH is quickly approaching and we couldn’t be more excited to share our latest water conservation technology to the European market.

Water conservation in the plumbing industry can be a bit tricky, as water conservation can greatly inhibit how product’s function alone and within a building’s piping infrastructure.  As plumbing industry manufacturers have adjusted to conserve precious fresh water resources they have continually cut back on the water used for each flush. This ultimately means that with each little flush there is a high urine to water ratio trickling down which can create hard scale build up in your building’s pipes.  Solids from the urine can combine with solids from the water to create substances that are like rock.

There are two approaches you can take to keep your pipes happy and avoid this nasty hard build up – one: eliminate water, pee waterfree! Commit to 100% water savings and never look back. Two: quench your thirsty pipes! Purge your pipes with a large amount of water on a timed and minimal basis.

Falcon has long been known for our leading and patented waterfree technology, which takes care of option one, but with the introduction of our new Hybrid Urinal we have you covered for option two as well.  Either options saves much more water than any high efficiency urinal on the market and helps your pipes clean and happy.  Both waterfree and our new hybrid system are designed to introduce a big purge of water to flush out the pipes.  One is by hand, the other is automated.


In addition to introducing our latest Hybrid Urinal technology at ISH we will be debuting a brand new waterfree Mechanical Valve Cartridge options.  Although our liquid trap Velocity Cartridge is our most robust solution, it isn’t the right fit for every installation.  With the addition of our new valve technology we can offer the European market the proper solution for any facility type.  The Velocity is great in high volume and high traffic places like stadiums and office buildings, where as our Mechanical Valve is highly effective for lower traffic restrooms and independent commercial applications like pubs and restaurants.  With exceptional flow rate and unique patent protected technology, our Mechanical Valve Cartridge will be sure to be an effective solution that helps prevent hard scale build up in your pipes and improve end user experience (nobody likes to walk up and find a pool of someone else’s left behind).

Come visit us at ISH, Booth 4.1 K65, to learn more about all of our unique and innovative technologies that keep us the water conservation leader in the industry.