IMG_0205Last Thursday, we joined our partner Sloan, at the Municipal Green Building Conference and Expo (MGBCE) in Downey, CA. The MGBCE brings together thought-leaders in green building and sustainability with municipal policy makers, policy implementers, leading architects, and engineers to further the development of a sustainable and energy efficient future for Southern California.


The event was focused on raising awareness about drought solutions for the commercial restroom. Key Sloan water efficient products were discussed and featured at this event. Our Waterfree technology was accompanied by Sloan’s High Efficiency Flushometers and Fixtures, Dual Flushing devices and sensor faucets.

IMG_3541 IMG_3545

We are always thrilled to take part in sustainability events such as the MGBCE. These are the moments we get to talk about things that are important to our company. The three pillars we once talked about here on the blog. Sustainability, Innovation and Hygiene. They are all intertwined and constantly work together to propel us forward in our journey. Whether it is investing in local communities, promoting environmental conservation, or developing products that reduce footprint, save water, cut back on unnecessary energy consumption.

More details on the event can be found here. If you are interested in learning more about our green story click here.


Hey guys, welcome back!! Today is the third post of our monthly series where we show before and after pictures and a few stories behind our installations. Today we are changing it up a bit and instead of just featuring pictures, we are going back to when the drought wasn’t so predominant in the media and telling you how Watt Plaza initiated a sustainable change within office buildings in Los Angeles. Let’s get right to it shall we?


Back in the summer of 2007, the city of Los Angeles started a conversation surrounding water. Local residents initiated water cuts and were on board with Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa’s conservation goals. Local water agents such as the LADWP encouraged water savings by providing rebates – this was when Watt Plaza made the decision to retrofit their bathrooms with waterfree urinals and led the way to create a more sustainable Los Angeles.


Using the rebates available they were the first class A office building in the city to retrofit a total of 88 waterfree urinals!

The interesting thing about this story is that up to 2007, it was not possible to install waterfree urinals in high-rises and large venue buildings. However under the direction of Mayor Villaraigosa, the Department of Building and Safety amended the building code to finally allow for water saving fixtures to be installed in locations such as the Watt Plaza, the Staples Center, Hollywood Bowl, and Dodger Stadium.

What a great initiative indeed! Since the first Falcon Waterfree urinal was installed, our products have saved an estimated 20+ BILLION gallons (75+ BILLION liters) of fresh water from being flushed down the drain! Imagine what we could accomplish together if the City of Los Angeles used the LADWP rebates?

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Welcome back! It is time for our Spotlight series. This space is reserved for highlighting all the great things our partners and customers are accomplishing worldwide. These companies, institutions and venues are as much a part of Falcon’s journey to conserve, as our employees.  Let’s get right to it, shall we?


Since 1945, Waxie has grown from a small store in San Diego, CA into America’s largest independent family-owned sanitary maintenance supply distributor. From your everyday basics like cleaning supplies to paper towels – to more specialized items, like our cartridges, Waxie provides excellent customer service with an underlying commitment to the environment.

With goals such as promoting responsible business practices and advancing platforms to support achieving a green building status, Waxie has been a purpose-built company from the start. We are proud to work with them and be a part of their pledge to sustainability.

Stay in touch with the latest industry changes, improvements and news on their blog, Facebook and Twitter pages!


This is one special Monday for us. We are in Frankfurt and ready to start an exciting week at ISH. Since its is all that has been on our minds and all the work we have been doing in the past few months, we wanted to recap the products we have brought with us! (click on the links below to read all full blog posts regarding each product.)



The Velocity Cartridge / The Mechanical Cartridge / The Hybrid 

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We are excited to share with you are new maintenance video! When we first started drafting ideas for our new look, we had one simple idea in mind: simplifying the waterfree urinal experience. Not only for the end user but for the folks that service it. This video is a great example, and after a few months working on the project, we are finally ready to debut it to all of you.

If you wish to see all our other videos, go to our YouTube page here.



Riviera Country Club was designed by George C. Thomas Jr. and William P. Bell and opened for play in 1927. Ben Hogan defeated Jimmy Demaret by two strokes to win the 1948 U.S. Open at Riviera, the first of his record-tying four Open titles. In 1998, three-time U.S. Open champion Hale Irwin sank a 12-foot birdie putt on Riviera’s 18th hole to edge Vicente Fernandez by one stroke and capture the first of his two U.S. Senior Open titles. Needless to say, that the Riviera Country Club holds a little bit of golf history.

Since the mid 1920s the members and guests of the country club have enjoyed the “Riviera Lifestyle,” which was built on the appreciation for life and the enjoyment of the natural resources that surround us. With that said, it is no surprise to see sustainable initiatives all around the Riviera grounds. From an organic vegetable garden that serves their restaurants, to water savings restroom fixtures throughout the club; the Riviera Country Club is committed to the ecology and sustainability of our community and the planet.

Read more about their sustainable initiatives here and here. Also, this week the PGA Tour will be taking place at the Riviera CC.



FUTURE-OF-SUSTAINABLE-GOLFThe word Sustainability has been tossed around like a garden salad, and has been addressed in all different types of industries. Some seam more reasonable than others, and some need more detailed explanation – such as golf. We know golf course clientele’ desire attractive, playable, green spaces, while according to non-golf public opinion, golf courses are a meaningless waste of resource and space. Sustainability in golf course management seems like an oxymoron to many. With that said, it only makes sense that the Environmental Institute for Golf, the philanthropic organization of the Golf Course Superintendents Association of America, is now leading a collaborative industry-wide effort toward a sustainable approach to golf facility management.

With the well known challenges the Golf Course industry faces, whether from government regulation or public perception, the association recognized the need for a sustainability plan that is focused, organized, and fosters collaboration, unity, transparency, and participation as important principal elements. They have sent out on a journey to ensure the “triple bottom line” – people, planet, and profit – is met.



February has proven to be a busy month. Last weekend we were able to enjoy THE big game with a teeth clenching win, and this Sunday we will have the opportunity to see the biggest names in music come together to celebrate talent and cultural enrichment. We are talking about the 57th Grammy Awards hosted by The Recording Academy in Los Angeles, CA. More specifically at the Staples Center.

Established in 1957, The Recording Academy is an organization of musicians, producers, engineers and recording professionals that is dedicated to improving the cultural condition and quality of life for music and its makers. They are responsible for groundbreaking professional development, advocacy, education and human services program; and five years ago, they partnered with the NRDC to integrate ecologically intelligent practices to planning and production of the awards show.

The infographic above shows how the Academy has incorporated green initiatives to their Headquarters, however the planning and production of the awards will also see some changes. From utilizing 100 percent of renewable energy, to using online tickets and sponsoring carpools through Ride Amigos, they are doing a great job in reducing the ecological footprint that this big of an event may produce.

To read more about how the GRAMMY awards are going green click here. If you are interested in reading on how the Staples Center also integrates sustainability to their everyday click here.


Welcome back! It is time for our Spotlight series. This space is reserved for highlighting all the great things our partners and customers are accomplishing worldwide. These companies, institutions and venues are as much a part of Falcon’s journey to conserve, as our employees.  Let’s get right to it, shall we?


Dodger Stadium has been the home of unique and special moments, Hall of Famers and World Champions. It is the third oldest continually used park in Major League Baseball and stands as one of the most unique and picturesque settings in sports, carved as it is into the hillside of Chavez Ravine overlooking downtown LA to the south.The stadium has seen many improvements in the past few years – from the addition of suites to new scoreboards and a renovation of the field level. Changes have been made both visible changes and behind the scenes upgrades to the aging infrastructure. As part of the renovations, the Dodgers have gone green, instituting many measures toward being energy efficient. Included in the construction was installation of new water valves, low-flush fixtures, waterless urinals, hand-driers to eliminate paper waste, automatic faucets to control water flow and new power and lighting energy-efficient systems.

The commitment to environmental excellence continues as a forefront for Dodger Stadium. We are glad to, once again, be a part of this great initiative!



ISH is quickly approaching and we couldn’t be more excited to share our latest water conservation technology to the European market.

Water conservation in the plumbing industry can be a bit tricky, as water conservation can greatly inhibit how product’s function alone and within a building’s piping infrastructure.  As plumbing industry manufacturers have adjusted to conserve precious fresh water resources they have continually cut back on the water used for each flush. This ultimately means that with each little flush there is a high urine to water ratio trickling down which can create hard scale build up in your building’s pipes.  Solids from the urine can combine with solids from the water to create substances that are like rock.

There are two approaches you can take to keep your pipes happy and avoid this nasty hard build up – one: eliminate water, pee waterfree! Commit to 100% water savings and never look back. Two: quench your thirsty pipes! Purge your pipes with a large amount of water on a timed and minimal basis.

Falcon has long been known for our leading and patented waterfree technology, which takes care of option one, but with the introduction of our new Hybrid Urinal we have you covered for option two as well.  Either options saves much more water than any high efficiency urinal on the market and helps your pipes clean and happy.  Both waterfree and our new hybrid system are designed to introduce a big purge of water to flush out the pipes.  One is by hand, the other is automated.


In addition to introducing our latest Hybrid Urinal technology at ISH we will be debuting a brand new waterfree Mechanical Valve Cartridge options.  Although our liquid trap Velocity Cartridge is our most robust solution, it isn’t the right fit for every installation.  With the addition of our new valve technology we can offer the European market the proper solution for any facility type.  The Velocity is great in high volume and high traffic places like stadiums and office buildings, where as our Mechanical Valve is highly effective for lower traffic restrooms and independent commercial applications like pubs and restaurants.  With exceptional flow rate and unique patent protected technology, our Mechanical Valve Cartridge will be sure to be an effective solution that helps prevent hard scale build up in your pipes and improve end user experience (nobody likes to walk up and find a pool of someone else’s left behind).

Come visit us at ISH, Booth 4.1 K65, to learn more about all of our unique and innovative technologies that keep us the water conservation leader in the industry.