Facing growing challenges with freshwater availability due to drought and other factors, people throughout the world are focusing on new ideas for conserving water resources. Here are five trends that will play a significant factor in the future of water conservation in California and other regions.

Water Recycling

According to the 2012 United Nations World Water Development Report, 80 percent of the world’s wastewater is not collected or treated. However, recent severe freshwater shortages in some areas is driving governments to develop water recycling programs that produces water that is clean enough to drink.

Although it is expensive and energy intensive, governments from San Diego to Dubai are investing billions of dollars in ocean water desalination. The introduction of membrane-based desalination has increased the affordability and decreased the energy requirements. As of 2013, Dubai was sourcing over 98% of its potable water supply from desalination.

Water Fines
California made headlines in 2014 when they started imposing expensive fines to people caught wasting water. Offenses like allowing landscape watering to flow into streets and hosing driveways were subject to fines. As water resources become more stressed due to the drought, more local governments are starting to impose fines to discourage water waste.

Efficient Irrigation Techniques
With farm irrigation amounting to about 70% of global freshwater use there is a lot of opportunity for farm water conservation. Irrigation systems that accurately measure usage with water flow meters can minimize overwatering which accounts for a significant amount of water waste in farm and golf courses alike.

Efficient Technology for Home and Business Conservation
New tools for saving water are constantly being introduced for consumers and businesses alike. There are High Efficiency Toilets, Waterfree Urinals and shower heads available to help owners and managers decrease water consumption and save money on water bills.