World Water Day: The Baby Lisa Project

We are always working on ways to give back to our local community and help to build a long term, sustainable infrastructure. We believe that every child and family should have access to clean running water and we could not be more proud to celebrate World Water Day this year by announcing our partnership with DigDeep on the Baby Lisa Project. 

Baby Lisa was born in Phoenix, Arizona and has been diagnosed with microvillus inclusion disease, a life-threatening condition that prevents the absorption of nutrients from food during digestion, resulting in malnutrition and dehydration. 


Since her diagnosis a year and half ago, Baby Lisa has been living in a medical facility 3 hours away from her home, located in the remote Arizona desert. Unfortunately, Baby Lisa cannot receive the medical attention she needs and return home until her family’s house can meet sanitation requirements and have access to running water.  Baby Lisa’s family is one of many American families that suffer from water poverty – a tremendous issue that is often over looked and forgotten about in the United States. Water is crucial to Baby Lisa’s recovery and without access to running water in her home doctors are refusing to give her the transplant she desperately needs.

CaptureEven though the Arizona Department of Water Resources (ADWR) considers them ‘first priority’, Baby Lisa’s family still has to wait 2 or 3 years to get running water in their home – time that Baby Lisa does not have.  In order to bring Lisa home, we are partnering with DigDeep, a non profit organization who defends clean water access as a human right, to provide sustainable, water conservation fixtures for Baby Lisa’s home. 

Today, on World Water Day, DigDeep has launched an incredible campaign to help Baby Lisa’s family renovate their home to meet the standards needed for Lisa to return. We could not be more proud to help build a sustainable and hygienic infrastructure for Baby Lisa and her family, and we encourage everyone to join in and help contribute by donating at .

Together, we can build Baby Lisa home with running water and take her family out of water poverty