After Seth Siegel interviewed our CEO, Simon A. Davis for his podcast Let There Be Water, we included his book on our to-read list. Siegel stubbled upon our waterfree urinals while attending the Aspen Ideas Festival and made a mental note of finding more about the technology later on (more on that story here) Later on, he was introduced to Simon Davis and the conversation about water savings expanded to the podcast.

In The book Let There Be Water, however, Siegel approaches the hugely important topic of efficient water management through the lens of Israeli policy. You see news media in the United States publicizing the recent major droughts in Texas and California, but the problem regarding the lack of water is global. Around the world, the overwhelming majority of people do not have a dependable supply of clean and safe drinking water – and Siegel does a great job at globalizing the issue.

The author tells the tale of Israel’s approach to water conservation and supply from all angles: geopolitical, scientific – and environmental. It is a must read if you are interested in expanding your knowledge on water management. Or if you’re a water loving and always fascinated by the inner works of the world’s water supplies, like us.