Building bridges to change is something we are very passionate about and what we stand behind as a B Corp. We inspire to lead a global movement of people using business as a force for good, and change is usually led or inspired by a few.  Their actions creates a wave and latterly change as people either follow, adapt or switch course. Not every pioneer will effect change and in “Getting Beyond Better”, the authors argue that such people are helping push change by observing systems and technologies that are ripe for transformation, sometimes going out on a limb, but nonetheless trying…

The book begins with a probing and useful theory of social entrepreneurship, moving through history to show what it is, how it works, and the nature of its role in modern society. The authors then set out a framework for understanding how successful social entrepreneurs actually go about producing transformative change. Overall the book provided good examples of people that were pressed to adapt and were successful doing so. Creativity fuels innovation and those who don’t take no as an answer are able to move forward to create change where they are needed.

In places, it felt as if the book was losing its way, getting thrown around and not moving forward, despite it being an engaging subject to consider. However, what it does is trigger a conversation that is both educational and inspirational. Creativity should fuel innovation, nevertheless leadership to ignite that change must be routed in humility and the overall culture behind it must be based on openness and trust.