Let’s high five the weekend! And all the rain Southern California has been getting since yesterday. As you may have noticed, our theme for the past week has been surrounding the drought. This is a topic is close to us and we will take any opportunity to discuss the options available for us to make a difference. In order, to keep the conversation going throughout the weekend, we rounded up a few articles around the web…

Holy Cow! Crops that use even more water than Almonds.

The 1976 – 1977 California Drought.

Innovation or insanity? Californians’ ideas for busting the drought. 

100+ ways to conserve water.

Builders turn to ‘greywater’ at construction sites. 

The grass IS greener in Hollywood. 

Temple in West L.A. lets its landmark lawn turn brown.

8 cost-cutting lessons from California’s drought crisis. 

How golf courses in California are saving to deal with the drought. 

Here’s how much water it takes to make California’s craft beer. 

Hope you have a great weekend! Cheers.