The Velocity Cartridge and The Hybrid, a Match Made in Heaven

The debilitating drought in some parts of the country has created a drive for water conservation and demand for high efficiency plumbing products. Here, at Falcon Waterfree Technologies, we have diligently listened to our customer’s needs which has pushed us to develop the best technology-driven water saving products that minimize maintenance.  Our latest innovations, the Velocity Cartridge and the Hybrid Urinal, are a match made in heaven of two of our highest performance water conservation products.

With its debut in 2014, the Velocity cartridge brought to market 6 new patent pending features that still save you an average of more than 40,000 gallons of water every year:


  1. Greener Footprint: Our Velocity Cartridge now boasts a 20% material reduction compared to our previous models.
  2. Cues you when to replace it: Our blue indicator ring at the entrance of the cartridge provides you with a visual cue that helps you know when it is ready to be changed.
  3. Reduces Restroom Odor: We invented our patented Velocity cartridge to help keep your restroom virtually odor-free by eliminating the area where bacteria can grow
  4. Keeps Pipes and Housing Cleaner: Our patent-pending anti splash pour spout utilizes speed and directional flow to streamline urine through our housing and your building’s pipes; helping to effectively eliminate the mess and build up associated with our older technology and any of our competitor’s cartridges.
  5. Retains Sealant Better: Our interior baffle allows the cartridge to retain its sealant barrier.
  6. Reduces Splash Back: The Velocity Cartridge has an integrated diverter shield that reduces splash back while simultaneously helping to prevent debris from entering the cartridge.


Joining our world-class patented Velocity Cartridge is our hybrid urinal technology – available through Sloan Valve Company.  We have combined the best attributes of waterfree technology with the best of the flushing technology, creating the most hygienic, water-saving, high performance urinal available.  hybridThe Hybrid functions as a waterfree technology in daily use and automatically performs a full gallon (4 liter) flush through the housing and pipe system every 72 hours, guaranteeing maximum LEED points, water savings and performance functionality.

By implementing our patent pending self-cleaning waterless urinal with our revolutionary Velocity cartridge, you would optimize the synergy effects of the most sustainable urinal technology available in the world! We can assure you, once you switch to the Hybrid and Velocity.  You’ll never look back.

The Hybrid urinal is now available for retrofit installations, check out the full specs and information hereimage001