The Pacific Council Awards Mary Robinson

We were so pleased to be able to come together Tuesday evening for An Evening with Mary Robinson, hosted by the Pacific Council on International Policy, to honor Mrs. Mary Robinson with the Warren Christopher Public Service Award for her commitment to ethical international and national affairs and government service as a noble pursuit.

MRobinsonPacCouncilBloglogosMary Robinson has been instrumental in environmental thought leadership and has created the Mary Robinson Foundation- Climate Justice to help spur education and advocacy on the struggle to secure global justice for those people vulnerable to the impacts of climate change who are usually forgotten – the poor, the disempowered and the marginalised.  Climate injustice is an often overlooked impact of climate change, making the work of the foundation all the more important. We couldn’t be more proud to congratulate Mary Robinson on her incredible journey so far and her perseverance to push forward and tackle worldwide socio-environmental issues.

To learn more about the Mary Robinson Foundation – Climate Justice, visit their website here.  We encourage you to join her to help bring justice, equality and empowerment to our responses to climate change.

ABOUT THE PACIFIC COUNCIL The Pacific Council was founded in 1995 to expand foreign affair and global issue conversations beyond Washington D.C. to the West Coast. Since inception, the Pacific Council has built a network of globally-minded members, that includes: current and former diplomats, industry leaders, media representatives, politicians, scholars, and Falcon’s own Chairman of the Board, Marc Nathanson (Co-Chair of the Pacific Council) and longtime Board Member, Dr. Jerrold Green.

ABOUT MARY ROBINSON Mary Robinson is the first woman President of Ireland (1990-1997), former United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights (1997-2002), and founder and President of Realizing Rights:  The Ethical Globalization Initiative (2002-2010).  She has spent much of her life as a human rights advocate and sought to use law as an instrument for social change.  In August 2014 she was appointed the UN Secretary-General’s Special Envoy on Climate Change.