On November 20th, the city of Los Angeles controller released an audit which laid out all rebate options available from the Department of Water and Power conservation programs and which ones are the best bang for your buck.

Even though, we have all seen plenty of turf programs in the media, it so happens that they saved less water per dollar spent than any other rebates offered. The research done by the city controller comes to show, that the money spent for rebates on items such as high-efficiency appliances yielded much higher water savings.

What this means is, the city should be focusing more on water infrastructure and technology investments, such as waterfree urinals and high efficiency toilets. These programs will achieve longer sustained and more cost-effective water savings for Los Angeles. It may be something that doesn’t really cross your mind on a daily basis, but your water usage in the bathroom is very significant and can be decreased with a simple product upgrade.

The city’s water conservation efforts goes beyond reacting to the current crisis, but rather changing the way we think and use water forever more. Changing the way we do our landscape is now proven as a minuscule piece of the puzzle, and even though it has initiated a healthy educational conversation  on water usage, it shouldn’t be considered the last step we should take.  With substantial rebates still available for fixtures and the Mayor’s Audit Report now public, we encourage everyone to take advantage of our high-performance water conservation products, available through Sloan Valve Company, that provide long lasting water and monetary savings.