Technology Evolution Guide: Our Cartridges History

Since the invention of our waterfree urinal technology, we have taken pride in listening to our customer demands and innovating water conservation solutions that do not sacrifice product functionality.  This is a guide to our continuous efforts to offer the highest performance technology-driven restroom water conservation products.

Our story began in 1999, when a German engineer fervently believed that flushing a urinal was a waste of water. Urine is already a generally sterile liquid, and gravity could drain it completely without a flush. A year later, the C1M1 made its debut in the restroom market.

The water-free urinal not only saved water. It also reduced the carbon footprint, since a fifth of California’s electrical output is consumed by processing and pumping water. The original design was well received by the public. However, the implementation of this new technology brought to our attention troubling gaps between our R&D and the inherent value of our technology, overcoming these challenges became our primary focus.

With additional research and development, Falcon released the C1M2 in 2005. It included a diverter shield to help retain sealant, a diverter to reduce splash and it was easier to remove. The military tested the urinals at Fort Huachucha, a base in southern Arizona. Our “flushless” urinals shorten water consumption by millions of gallons. As a result, the US Army Corp of Engineers mandated in 2006 to install only waterless urinals from 2010 onward.

After carefully reviewing the C1M2 latest design features, Falcon decided to include an additional splash-reducing shape, better odor reducing technology and internal mechanisms to improve the cartridge’s sealant retention. Six years later, the C1M2+ was introduced in the market. This time around, large-scale facilities across the country such as Rose Bowl Stadium and Las Vegas Motor Speedway switched to water free urinals.


Last and certainly not least, the Velocity cartridge debuted on the market in 2014.  It includes 6 new patent pending features that help: keep facilities pipes and housing cleaner, retain sealant better, visually cue a cartridge change and reduce environmental footprint.  After installing 300+ Falcon urinals over the past few years, Staples Center has not only reduced maintenance costs, but has also saved huge quantities of water- 57 million gallons in fact. An incredible fact given Staple’s Center location in drought-stricken Los Angeles.

Our urinal cartridge technology is a result of our ongoing efforts to provide the highest quality products for our customers, directly derived from advanced market research and technology development.  The revolutionary technology of our new cartridge design ensures top quality performance that is both easy to maintain and helps keep your restroom odor-free.