Welcome back! It is time for our Spotlight series. Today we will be featuring an Los Angeles based non profit, DIGDEEP. Let’s get right to it, shall we?


Not many people stop to think about where their water is coming from when turning on the tap and grabbing a bottle of water. It’s hard to create an emotional desire for clean water when we haven’t faced the lack of it and when clean water is abundant and at our reach whenever we want it.

Every human being has a right to clean water and George McGraw is doing something about it. He is the Executive Director of DIGDEEP, a Right to Water Project in Los Angeles. DIGDEEP promotes human rights access to water. Transforming their lives with clean water and safeguarding their human dignity. Each of their water projects is designed using a human rights-based approach, a practical model that integrates rights and dignity into the plans and processes of development. .

The non profit is changing the way people think about water, protecting water access as a human right through education and awareness. An example of there ongoing campaign is the 4 liters challenge. The way it works is that for 24 hours, you can only use four liters of water for everything you do. It has created huge awareness to water poverty and by inserting it into people’s daily lives, an emotional connection to clean water was originated.

DIGDEEP is doing an amazing job defending those who can’t. Fighting for what is a right to them and bringing out the truth for us on the over side. And “the truth is that when it comes to needing water, each and every one of us is equal.” (George McGraw TedX talk)