Retrofit Hybrid Technology Splashes into Market

As sustainable building design has evolved, the market has moved to minimize water consumption through decreasing the volume of urinal fixture flush rates. What was once a forceful flush of 1 or 2 gallons, has now become a trickling of a pint of water through a building’s infrastructure- ultimately creating unanticipated performance issues in a system built for high volume flushes.  

At Falcon, we believe that conservation should not sacrifice performance and today, we are excited to introduce the new Hybrid Retrofit Urinal to our collection of high performance technology driven water conservation products.  With all the same benefits of the New Construction Hybrid Urinal, the Retrofit Hybrid – available through Sloan Valve Company – conserves nearly 100% of water and can now easily upgrade almost all existing flush urinals to high performance Hybrid technology.

By merging the best attributes of the waterfree technology (100% water savings) with the best of flushing technology (high volume flushing), we have created the most hygienic, water-saving, high performance urinal available. Revolutionary in it’s design, our Hybrid Urinals do not require water after each use and are not dependent on users to flush. Instead, our Hybrid Urinals utilize a multi-patent pending flush system that automatically performs a full gallon (4 liter) flush through the housing and pipe system every 72 hours, adding up to only 102 gallons a year total – regardless of the users.  This timed large volume of water flushing through the system prevents hard scale build-up (often formed in pipes from trickling of high concentrate urine-water), while earning maximum LEED credits,  guaranteeing water savings and delivering unrivaled performance and functionality.  


The combination of our world-class patented Velocity cartridge, along with our self-cleaning hybrid urinal technology, will keep your drain lines clean and odor-free.

Join the water conservation revolution and try one of our Hybrid Urinals, the environment and your maintenance staff will thank you.