To wrap up our Green Building Week, we rounded up a few of the LEED certified buildings that have invested in the sustainable bathroom solution with our waterfree technology. Each of these buildings have applied policies and procedures to promote environmental stewardship and create healthy work environments for employees.

The USGBC headquarters in Washington, DC was the first to achieve LEED certification. Now they have developed a living lab for people to experience and learn the ins out outs of how green buildings work. If you’re still in D.C for the GreenBuild Expo, it is worth taking a look.

Santa Clara University’s Student Activities Center in Silicone Valley, was rewarded the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design in 2010. With energy efficient features, water saving practices and sustainable design, the University has earned the Gold certification.

Last but not least, in 2013 the M&T Stadium in Baltimore, became the first existing outdoor professional sports facility in the United States – including all NFL and Major League Baseball stadiums – to receive USGBC’s Gold LEED rating.

Hope you had a great week in Washington, D.C. Did you hear that our Hybrid was rewarded Top Ten product of 2016? Very exciting!!!