Lawsuit Seeks to Stop Sales of Non-Compliant, Potentially Hazardous “Green Cartridge”

Jun. 05, 2012

Lawsuit Seeks to Stop Sales of Non-Compliant, Potentially Hazardous “Green Cartridge” from LiquidBreaker

Los Angeles, CA. – June 6, 2012 – Falcon Waterfree Technologies, LLC – the world’s largest manufacturer of waterless urinals – has commenced legal action against the ‘Green Cartridge’ from LiquidBreaker LLC. Falcon believes that LiquidBreaker’s ‘Green Cartridge’ puts customers and the public at multiple risks due to non-compliance with plumbing code requirements. Falcon’s lawsuit, filed in California Superior Court, seeks an injunction and damages based upon LiquidBreaker’s deceptive practices in marketing its ‘Green Cartridge’ for use in Falcon® and Falcon-licensed waterless urinals.

Falcon Waterfree® urinal cartridges are certified to comply with the Uniform Plumbing Code (UPC), International Plumbing Code (IPC), and National Standard Plumbing Code (NSPC). While Falcon’s patented cartridges are certified by IAPMO as being UPC compliant, IAPMO representatives have confirmed in writing that LiquidBreaker’s ‘Green Cartridge’ simply is not UPC compliant.

LiquidBreaker designed its ‘Green Cartridge’ to fit into the proprietary cartridge housings of Falcon and Falcon-licensed waterless urinals. The ‘Green Cartridge’, however, lacks a two inch (2”) liquid trap design, which is required by plumbing codes. As such, the ‘Green Cartridge’ is non-compliant with the UPC and other plumbing codes. Use of the ‘Green Cartridge’ in a Falcon urinal system renders the urinal system non-compliant with plumbing codes.

“LiquidBreaker markets its cartridges as safe and suitable replacement cartridges for Falcon-branded and Falcon-licensed waterless urinals, but the ‘Green Cartridge’ violates plumbing code requirements designed to protect the public health,” said Matt Korcinsky, COO of Falcon. “As part of Falcon’s commitment to its customers, Falcon is actively pursuing litigation and regulatory enforcement mechanisms against these non-compliant cartridges which violate plumbing codes that seek to prevent public health and safety risks.”

“Use of non-compliant cartridges like LiquidBreaker’s ‘Green Cartridge’ also immediately invalidates our product warranty coverage and may impair a customer’s insurance coverage, depending upon policy language,” Korcinsky noted. “Facility owners and managers should be alert to these multiple potential risks associated with using Liquidbreaker’s ‘Green Cartridge’.”

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