Today we are kicking off day 2 at the annual trade show ISH, in Frankfurt.

One of the many talked about subjects regarding Germany is the outstanding way in which they conserve water. People here are known to flush toilets with old bath water and to take turns bathing in the same tub without refilling it. In addition to utilizing water efficient fixtures throughout houses and businesses. One would think that the reason why Germans are so conscious is for the lack of water in the country. However it is in fact the opposite. Germany is one of the world’s most water-rich countries and it could theoretically consume five times more water than it does now. But they don’t! They are taught since an early age to use water wisely no matter how abundant it is. We can’t help but think on how this affects other resources, like electricity, gas, to name a few. Wouldn’t the sustainable way of mind rub off on everything?

In fact, it is a way of thinking and acting. Kind of like a mindset if you will. If we start protecting our resources before the problem arrives, maybe it never will. There are several major droughts occurring in the world right now, such as the Western USA and the Sao Paulo metropolitan area in Brazil. However, what if the population and government support would haven taken extreme conservation habits before hand? Maybe with an ingrained conscious mindset we wouldn’t have to wait until the situation is dire before we scramble to try to change things.

Sometimes what matters most is the mindset. Conserving water, even when it is plentiful, energy even when it’s profuse, and gas even when it’s the cheapest.