Falcon Waterfree Technologies Joins Forces with TreePeople

We are pleased to announce Falcon Waterfree Technologies’ Liam Dow, Government Affairs Coordinator, has joined the Board of Directors for Los Angeles based non-profit TreePeople to help secure a more sustainable future in Los Angeles.


Los Angeles, March 4, 2016 As a company committed to changing the world by developing revolutionary, technology-driven restroom products that conserve our Earth’s precious fresh water supply and to using the power of our business and products to help solve local social and environmental problems, Falcon Waterfree Technologies is proud to announce that Liam Dow, Government Affairs Coordinator, has joined the Board of Directors at Los Angeles based non-profit TreePeople.

TreePeople works to ensure climate resiliency in the city of Los Angeles by monitoring and supporting sufficient tree canopy, healthy soil and locally-sourced water initiatives. TreePeople focuses their efforts on working with both communities and governments to create unstoppable momentum for beneficial community change.  With their focus on chief urban forestry, TreePeople helps to rebuild areas with the lowest amount of tree canopy, concentrating much of their efforts in South LA and the Northeast San Fernando Valley.

Just like Falcon, TreePeople is very concerned about the effects of the current California drought in Los Angeles and is fully engaged in providing support to the local community.  Los Angeles is an urban jungle that, in many parts, is fully covered by asphalt and concrete.  As California has been hit with rain from El Nino, this asphalt ground cover prevents water from absorbing into our aquifers and is instead wasted, often running into our oceans. As the California and Los Angeles climate continues becomes hotter and drier, an abundant tree canopy is crucial to shading and ultimately helping create a dependable local water supply. By investing in both the planting of new trees and caring of our current trees, TreePeople is reestablishing healthy soil, conserving water, and ultimately helping to harvesting the rain.

“Since getting involved with TreePeople over the past few months, it’s been remarkable to see all of the amazing work and collaboration going on in the City of LA to achieve a more sustainable future for all Angelinos. I could not be happier to be a part of this movement towards sustainability.” Stated Dow.

Falcon Waterfree Technologies is proud to be able to support TreePeople and aid in their commitment to building a stronger and more sustainable Los Angeles.

About Falcon

Founded in 2000, Los Angeles-based Falcon Waterfree Technologies is the sustainability and technology leader in the development of water conservation solutions for the commercial restroom.