Falcon Waterfree Introduces A Revolutionary Urinal that Earns While It Saves

Sep. 15, 2009

Los Angeles, CA – The new F7000 waterfree urinal by Falcon Waterfree Technologies introduces a revolutionary splash-free bowl design that also provides a revenue generating advertising opportunity for facility operators. The new urinal has already received accolades from several European organizations for its contemporary design and environmental benefits. The low purchase and life cycle cost of the F7000 urinal makes it a smart choice for new construction and restroom upgrades.

The Falcon F7000 urinal includes a special area for messaging, which can be used to describe water savings and other environmental accomplishments of the facility, or employed as revenue-generating advertising space. Advertising on the F7000 urinal is easy to update, easy to clean, and eliminates the need to install advertising frames on restroom walls.

Another unique feature of the Falcon F7000 urinal is a patent-pending, splash-free bowl design. The Falcon Research and Development Center has discovered a highly effective shape for the interior of the bowl that ensures a dry experience for users. This is a revolutionary and Falcon-exclusive feature for urinal bowl design.

Like all Falcon Waterfree urinals, the hyper hygienic F7000 urinal helps protect and preserve the environment by conserving up to 40,000 gallons of fresh water per urinal, per year. The waterfree urinal operation also reduces carbon footprints by eliminating the energy-intensive transport and treatment of water that is otherwise required for water-flushing urinals. The F7000 urinal also qualifies facilities for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) and Green Globe points.

The introduction of the Falcon F7000 urinal continues a long history of industry-first innovations, which include pipe-in-pipe technology that guarantees downhill slope in drain connections, one-piece hanger brackets for fast and accurate installation, patented cartridges for tamper-resistant and odor-free operation, and cartridge indicators that clearly show when a cartridge has completed its lifecycle. To find a Falcon distributor near you, visit or call 1-866-975-0174 (toll-free).

About Falcon Waterfree Technologies
Falcon Waterfree Technologies is the most widely installed brand of waterfree urinal. The company, with international headquarters in Los Angeles, was formed to promote conservation of the Earth’s limited supply of fresh water and support sustainable resource management. Falcon Waterfree products are in use around the world in stadiums and arenas, schools and universities, airports and every type of commercial and institutional facility, and supported by offices in Barcelona, Beijing, Frankfurt, Grand Rapids, Istanbul, Manila, and Zurich.