Falcon Launches Revolutionary Water Conserving HPKV® Technology Worldwide

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA- November 10, 2016

Falcon Waterfree Technologies® launches revolutionary, patent pending High Performance Key-Valve® (HPKV) urinal technology to the worldwide market. Our robust urinal cartridge underwent and surpassed extensive testing in the Swiss market and will now provide best in class performance while maximizing water savings to the worldwide market.

HPKV_WebSize1Since the introduction of the Key-Valve® technology, there have been many improvements incorporated into our design that sets our cartridges apart from the rest. Our latest design follows that same path and delivers exceptional new benefits that truly provide the best maintenance and user experience.

The HPKV features a patent-pending Bell Valve that provides optimal performance for the duration of valve life span – resulting in better, long term functionality for our customers. Our unique Bell-Valve technology is the secret behind the HPKV’s high velocity and high volume technology, boasting more than two times faster flow rate compared to current valves on the market.  This expedited flow rate allows for a better end user experience and for the conversion of existing flushing urinals to waterfree urinal systems.  The HPKV delivers all these results while significantly reducing its carbon dioxide and environmental footprint.


“Falcon is committed to innovation and our products continually evolve to be the best technology available.  The new HPKV cartridge, offers the best performance available while cutting back on its product footprint,” stated Simon A. Davis, President & CEO of Falcon.  “This revolutionary technology is just the latest of our high-performance water conservation products launched, and is the perfect complement to our current product portfolio.”

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About Falcon

Founded in 2000, Los Angeles-based Falcon Waterfree Technologies is the sustainability and technology leader in the development of water conservation solutions for the commercial restroom. Falcon Waterfree Technologies proudly is a certified B Corporation.