Falcon Celebrates World Water Day with Local Non-Profit the Do Good Bus


 Los Angeles, California: March 22, 2015

About World Water Day:

World Water Day (WWD) is an annual celebration of our most important resource, and a time to reflect on the water-related challenges we still face in our communities all over the world. The problems may change according to the region, however it all boils down to our relationship with water. This year’s theme was “Water and Sustainable Development.” Water is central to health, nature, urbanization, industry, energy, food, and equality. Since we need all these things, the discussion falls on how we can maintain a sustainable practice.

 About Do Good Bus:

Los Angeles-based non-profit, Do Good Bus is an organization that promises altruistic adventurism by bringing people together to help local causes in a fun and social environment. They round up a group of people and drive them to an unknown location where the goal is to get to know and help a cause. The mystery of the ride makes things fun and avoids any pre-conceived ideas or opinions, allowing volunteers to show up with an open mind. And, most importantly, ready to help! With goals like awareness, creating community and developing continued support, the organization creates new bonds and strengthen existing ones through unique team building with a “do good” twist.

The event:

Being a B Corp means more than just striving for environmental savings. Water savings is the core of our products, however we also strive to work towards a better world where people give their time to help others. That is when the Do Good Bus comes in the picture. “As a team we wanted to come together to celebrate World Water Day by giving back to our community and helping conserve the environment. The Do Good Bus was a natural fit, since they are a local non-profit that brings people together to help causes in a fun and social environment,” stated Simon A. Davis, President & CEO of Falcon Waterfree Technologies.

Our ride took us to a local Los Angeles beach, where our team worked together to clean up debris on the shore. After a fun day building community and helping others, we left feeling accomplished, informed about the cause and happy to help out our local community.