Our Hybrid Urinal Technology, High Performance Water Conservation


As water shortages have increased and strict usage regulations have been implemented, certification and adoption of LEED has become increasingly popular. With many parts of the country suffering from debilitating drought, this drive for water conservation and demand for high efficiency plumbing products has never been more important. Now, there’s a new solution that preserves this need for efficiency and enhances the functionality of inherently sustainable waterfree design.

Waterfree Urinal technologies represent the highest amount (100%) of water savings available. Since the introduction of waterfree technologies, these high-efficiency urinals have helped saved millions of gallons of fresh water every year, totalling over 50 billion gallons from Falcon’s waterfree units alone. When properly maintained, these fixtures provide efficient removal of liquid waste with no odor or clogs. The challenge is, however, that improper or infrequent maintenance can lead to the buildup of struvite in the drain lines, occasionally resulting in reduced flow and more-difficult maintenance procedures.

On the other end of the spectrum, wash down urinal treads have steadily decreased flush volume, now at 0.125 gpf.  Although this has helped to save significant amounts of water, the marginal flush volume does not provide enough water to fully flush out the system- results can include excessive odor and calcite clogged trapways and drain lines. This calcite build up is extremely hard, almost rock like, and is very difficult to remove. With waterfree urinals, urine forms a soft, water-soluble substance known as ‘struvite’ that collects in pipes and can also cause blockages over time. Unlike calcite, though, struvite is easy to remove, only needing water and a brush to be removed.

By taking the best attributes of waterfree technology and combining them with the best of flushing technology, we have created the most hygienic, water-saving, high performance urinal available, the Hybrid Urinal. Our revolutionary, multi-patent pending technology functions as a waterfree technology in daily use and automatically performs a full gallon (4 liter) flush through the housing and pipe system every 72 hours, rather than trickling small volume of water with each use.  This technology allows for maximum LEED points, water savings and performance functionality.


This timed power-washing provides a large supplemental flow of water, which helps clean out any sediment build up from your housing and pipes, ensuring continued optimal flow and eliminating the need for bucket dumps & bottle brush cleaning.

Our patent pending self-cleaning waterless urinal leverages all the benefits of our new, patent pending Velocity Cartridge in a unique and revolutionary flush system that cleans the housing and flushes out pipes on a regular timed basis. The Hybrid delivers the world’s best and most sustainable urinal technology, and it’s truly the best of both ends of the urinal spectrum!

*Available to the North American through our exclusive partner, Sloan Valve Company.