Beverly Hills Increases Rebate to $500 for Waterless Urinals

In light of the severe drought in California and the need for Beverly Hills to reduce water consumption by 35%, the City of Beverly Hills has increased the amount of money that city businesses can receive for the purchase and installation of waterless serials from $200 to $500. In most cases, the $500 covers the entire cost of a water free urinal, which leads to not only immediate water savings but also immediate savings on the monthly water bill with zero cost to recoup.  Read the full article here.

Sports Techie Covers the Drought, Jason Gore and Falcon

Sports Techie covers our partnership with Professional Golfer, Jason Gore, and how we are trying to promote water savings rebate programs implemented by local utilities throughout California  to help overcome the fact that the state has one year of stored H20 left after four years of drought.  Read the full article here.

Sustainable Business Magazine Covers Falcon and Why Water is Life

The latest issue of Sustainable Business Magazine covers why the megadrought in the Southwest United States is resulting in struggle over water scarcity and is impacting everything from everyday water usage prices to the way we water our lawns.  But there are everyday solutions to help cut back on water consumption, read more about Falcon and how we can help you save water here.