Bathroom Review Introduces Falcon’s Intellimix at ISH 2017

West Sussex, UK- March 16th, 2017

Bathroom Review, an online magazine featuring the latest news, ideas and products from bathroom companies from the United Kingdom, promoted Intellimix, our new water technology, created alongside our global partner Ideal Standard.

Described as a in one state-of-the-art device, Intellimix is a fully automated faucet that provides the perfect mix of soap and water, eliminating spillage and wastage.

Below is the full review on the Intellimix, available in the European market through Ideal Standard’s Armitage Shanks.

Armitage Shanks’s introduce pioneering Intellimix at ISH

Intellimix is a fully automated and highly efficient soap and water outlet, expertly combined in one state-of-the-art device.

Itellimix technology regulates the overall amount of soap and water used, eliminating spill and wastage. Soap usage is reduced by almost 50% and, combined with a reduction in water usage of as much as 50%, Intellimix translates to a dramatically reduced total cost of ownership.

Intellimix’s tilted design optimizes visibility of the user interface and facilitates easy servicing. It can be mounted to a variety of different sink forms and is easily serviced via smartphone for a seamless and efficient maintenance process.

Intellimix is the latest example of Armitage Shanks dedication to providing the cutting edge of efficiency and sustainability. In the 1960s, Armitage Shanks revolutionized water management in the bathroom with the introduction of the Ceramic Disc Cartridge, which brought an end to dripping taps. The company’s many innovations also include the patented CLICK technology water-saving mechanical stop, which reduces water consumption by up to 50%. Intellimix is the next step in Armitage Shanks industry defining evolution.

View image of Armitage Shanks’s introduce pioneering Intellimix at ISH