BabyLisa Project: UPDATE

Here at Falcon Waterfree Technologies, we believe in harnessing our power of our business to tackle complex social problems. We align our sustainability initiatives with goals for a broader audience, and by using business as a force for good we are helping our society move towards a future with clean running water for every child and family. On World Water Day (March 22nd), we announced our partnership with DigDeep on the BabyLisa Project,  and as part of our Earth Week’ celebrations, we want to give you an update to this campaign.

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In America, Baby Lisa is one of the hundreds of thousands of children living in water poverty. She was born with microvillus inclusion disease, a life-threatening condition that prevents the absorption of nutrients from food during digestion, resulting in malnutrition and dehydration. Since her family’s home does not meet sanitation requirements and does not have access to running water, she is forced to live in a medical facility three hours away from her home, located in the remote Arizona desert.


Today, Falcon Waterfree Technologies is proud to announce our donation of all the plumbing fixtures – a gift worth over $4000 to the family of Baby Lisa. We have also committed to purchase only the most water-friendly models on the market that will save Baby Lisa’s family hundreds of dollars in water bills. In addition, our employees have gotten together to fundraise – giving up their paid lunches at work and putting that money toward Baby Lisa’ campaign. Simon Davis, our CEO, has also agreed to match all employee contributions to the Baby Lisa campaign.

As a B Corp, we combined innovation with collaboration because powerful changes can create sustainable markets and societies.

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So far, the Baby Lisa campaign has collected almost $32,000 dollars. We still need $18,000 to renovate Baby Lisa’s home to meet the standards needed for her return. You can support the project by donating at

No matter your budget, your gift will change the life of this American family. Together, we can reunite Baby Lisa and her mother LaTanya in time for Mother’s Day!