We love business and purpose as much as any other for-profit corporation, but there has always been an urge within our own organization to do good in a holistic way. This is one of the many reasons we find Emilio Pardo and Logan Ward’s “When Purpose Turns a Profit,” article on B Corp, so compelling. From tapping into the beginning of B Lab and how Andrew Kassoy – the founder of B Lab – deviated from the beaten path, the article is a real eye-opener to the new breed of caring capitalists.

Just like Kassoy and his two former Stanford roommates who founded B Lab, we wanted to do more than just address one specific social cause, and we have found in B Corp the very solution to that problem.  Among a new breed of for-profit businesses including renowned brands as Whole Foods, Patagonia, Etsy and Zappos, we joined forces with an ever growing community that seeks a more meaningful way of doing business. We want to do better for our employees, consumers, suppliers, investors and the planet. Everything we do is driven by our mission, and it all goes through the lens of purpose.

The article is well worth the read. When you encounter such quotes as, “Business is the most powerful man-made force on the planet.  Why not use it for good?” from Katie Kerr – B Lab’s Communication Director – it definitely stops you in your tracks and forces you to re-evaluate. For us, it’s the common case of looking for like-minded individuals and finally coming to a realization that the world is actually filled with them.

Cheers to all you new caring capitalists out there!