In recent years we have seen corporations of all sizes become more sensitive to social and environmental issues, and they are coming together to change the current landscape. We’ve seen the B Corporations take off throughout the world and in its 8th year of the movement, B Corps are now in 17 countries, have passed laws in 27 US States. There are 1,400 plus Certified B Corps worldwide, 3,000 plus Benefits Corps worldwide and over 30,000 businesses have taken the B Impact Assessment.

With the movement growing so quickly, one of the major issues we’re facing is to grow and scale mindfully with integrity. Leadership must be routed in humility and culture must be rooted in openness and trust. Being a part of this ever growing community has us rooted in learning how to be a better business and develop a connection with our surroundings. Making Sustainability Work gave us perspective in how to keep our eyes on the ever-moving target of sustainability.

This book will walk you through the Corporate Sustainability Model that Epstein has created. It takes sustainability from the shelf and rounds up the concept with some solid examples and working strategies; a bit of economics thrown it; but generally, quite a bit of common sense and a good explanatory framework.