Last month, B Lab debuted The B Hive – a brand new online community for B Corp employees!

We truly believe that the strength of the B Corp community lies in the connections made between people while doing good, and this new platform has allowed the community to work together. Accessing The B Hive is just as simple as logging on to your Facebook and/or LinkedIn account – and it works in a similar way. You create a profile, share a bit of information about yourself. After that is done, you can start posting and answering questions, search for employees of other B Corporations, and find discounts and shop B Corps!! You can also join groups that interest you and if you don’t find one that suits your need, create your own.

It’s all about conversation. B Corps have started connecting not only focusing on their own businesses, but also working together towards common initiatives. The B Hive has made it possible for you to connect to like minded people and companies across geographies.

We have talked about how important it is to us to be B Certified, but it always makes a huge difference for all our employees. Falcon believes that all business should “aspire to do no harm, and benefit to all.” That every employee is allowed and even encouraged to share. It’s an ideology, a way of life, and it is growing. This is just a start. With this online community, everyone is equal and able to exchange experiences, knowledge and team up to do good. Not just for the company that we work for, but for the world that we live in.