TEAM Together Everyone Accomplishes More.

by Alison Klein from RoundPeg

It’s an awful cliché, but it’s still true. Whether we’re working with colleagues to meet a deadline or alternating drivers on a road trip, we all understand that collaboration allows us to achieve more. As a friend of my mom’s used to say, “Two heads are always better than one. Even if one of them is a head of cabbage!”

To me, the magic of the B Corp community is that it functions as a team.

Of course, collaboration between businesses is nothing new. Whether it’s to co-brand a product, collaborate on content or barter goods and services, companies of all kinds form strategic partnerships. Still, the teamwork that happens in the B Corp community feels different because it’s motivated by a shared purpose to use business as a force for good.


This purpose is broad enough to attract companies of all different sizes, from all over the world, from over 100 different industries. It unites them so that their unique skills, connections, knowledge, resources and voices can combine to further their shared mission.

Collaborations between B Corps are often pursued to 1. Spread awareness of the B Corp movement 2. Convince more people that business can – and should – be a force for good or 3. Demonstrate that “good-doing” business are the best kinds of businesses to start and support. This quest is “meaningful work” because it creates a positive outcome for others. Meaningful work has been shown to increase engagement, productivity and well-being.


These increases mean that the individuals taking part in B Corp collaborations are singularly determined to make them successful and impactful. They are:

  • Free with their advice
  • Honest about challenges they face
  • Generous with their time, funds, products, skills and connections
  • Willing to go the extra mile to improve experiences and outcomes for others, often of their own volition
  • Unusually responsive, respectful and supportive

Guided by our purpose, we inspire one another to dream bigger and enable one another to go further.


At RoundPeg, we help good brands build supportive communities so they can gain market share and spread their influence. We do that through our work with clients, but we also do it by seizing every opportunity we can to collaborate with other B Corps and let people know about the visionary work they’re doing.

We do this because we want traditional businesses to consider how they might do more good, we want good business to consider the benefits of certifying and we want consumers to learn more about B Corp products and consider buying them. In short, we collaborate to create stories and help them reach more people. It contributes to the bigger underlying goal we’re all working toward: a happier and more just world.

At the end of the day, I think I can say that our shared purpose supercharges our collaborative efforts and their impact. I encourage you to seek connections with other businesses determined to good. It’s cheesy but you know it’s true: together, you really will achieve more.