Proud to (continue to) be a B!

As many of you know by now, we at Falcon are a B Corporation.  We sing the praises of B Corps and our unified mission to use business as a force for good loud and proud. We could not be more excited to start off the new year receiving our B Corporation Recertification- solidifying our place in this fantastic community.


With 1,498 B Corporations in 42 countries and 130 industries, B Corp ideals and more-responsible ways to do business are quickly spreading like wildfire.

In order to become a B Corporation you must take the B Lab Impact Assessment and score above 80 points, I can assure you this is no easy feat.  Companies are measured on a gamete of topics including: Governance, Employee Welfare, Environmental Practices and Community Welfare.

In order to prepare for our recertification we spent 2014 and 2015 building out new employee programs and benefits, giving back and helping to build a better local community, and dedicating time to improving the environmental impact and supply chain of our products.  After all, sustainability is a journey not a destination and there is always room for improvement.  We are proud to say that our dedication and commitment to growing with integrity has paid off and is reflected in our New Impact Assessment Score, up 11% from our original certification in 2013.  For more information feel free to browse through our full Impact Assessment B Impact Report.

We always encourage companies to check our the B Corporation website and hope that our journey forward inspires you to take the Impact Assessment to see where you rank.

Cheers and Happy New Year!