It’s almost time for the B Corp Retreat, which means it’s almost time to connect with hundreds of other B Corps face-to-face and learn how we can improve with our social engagement. This year, the theme is “Building Bridges”.

Everyday, certified B Corps are helping to build a bridge towards a new economy – one in which everyone enjoys a shared and lasting prosperity. Each year, B Lab organizes a retreat to facilitate B Corps to come together as a community to affirm, generate, and advance the goals and activities that will help us achieve our collective vision. From building a culture around B Corp values, to supply chain reconfiguration and communicating your impact will be covered throughout the 3 days of the retreat. Our Marketing Director, Andrea will be traveling to Portland, Oregon to connect with old friends and new, share knowledge, honor our champions, and reflect on new opportunities.

B Lab will be posting live during the event @BCorporation under the hashtag #BtheChange, for those of you who want to follow along at home.

Have a great weekend!