With B Corps hitting the headlines every day, we wanted to share a little about our ‘B’ journey. Before we get started, let’s take a step back and recap how we got here…

Falcon believes that it is crucial to establish a sustainability mindset within the plumbing and restroom fixture industry. While our products save water, greenhouse gas emissions and energy; it is also crucial to us that our daily operational practices exercise the same environmentally friendly principles as the products. This also goes for the functionality of our offices and the well being of our employees. With that said, applying to be a B Corporation was a no-brainer for us, and in October 2013, Falcon was certified as a one.

Being a B Corp goes beyond the exterior image and into the details of how the business is run. In order to get all the details of what goes on behind the scenes we asked our sustainability guru, a.k.a Marketing Director, Andrea Chase to answer a few questions.


Why did Falcon become a B Corp and what are the benefits the certification brings to the company?

Sustainability has become so prevalent over the last few years that has in some ways become a fad.  In order to rise above this mass influx of easy-to-buy certifications and green-washing we needed to find a certification that was rigorous and legitimate.  After doing a ton of research we found B Corp to be the best and most holistic approach to assessing the 3 P’s of sustainability- People, Planet and Profit.

Now that we have been a B Corp for a while what are the values you’re seeing for our business?

Being a B Corp is like being in the best club ever.  The other companies are so supportive and so cool to connect with.  We have met so many great people working at so many great companies who are so open to knowledge sharing and partnerships to raise awareness about social and environmental issues.  The level of engagement is absolutely astounding and inspiring.  Since our certification we have been singing the praises of B Corp loud and proud, and our customers and suppliers are taking note.  Our integration into the B Corp community has actually peaked the interest of our customers and opened up the conversation.

How has the B Corp community affected what we do and how we interact with other companies?

We have been exposed to so many other like-minded business, it has been incredible.  We have been able to partner locally with other B Corps on community service events, spread sustainability awareness messaging far beyond the reach our own channels, and take pride in providing our sustainable products to other B Corporations.


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