It is no secret that we at Falcon are part of the B Corporation community, we joyfully sing B Corp praises from mountain tops and of course through all of our social media and this blog.  The B Corp community is one of genuine comradely, a comradely that is reinforced and likely created by the rigorous standards we all must undergo in order to become a part of the B Corp herd.

This year our B Corp community gathered together in the absolutely pristine beauty of the Oregon-Washington border to further solidify our comradely, our commitment to each other and our commitment to the movement to use business as a force for good. There was a feeling of overwhelming pride and efficacy that together we can make the seemingly impossible, possible and motivate others to jump on board.


It is absolutely incredible to see the great strides that B Corp community and B Lab has made since its inception eight years ago.  The B Corp community now extends across 17 countries, has passed laws in 27 states and now boasts over 1,400 certified B Corps.  To put this growth in perspective, Falcon joined B Corporation in 2013 and there were only about 700 certified companies- that’s a 100% growth in two years.  Although this is fantastic, with growth comes challenges: scalability, perseverance into mainstream and preserving integrity.



But in a sea of greenwashing, false claims and even worse tactical data manipulation, how do you bring integrity into the mainstream? Leadership must continue to be routed in humility and culture must continue to be rooted in openness and trust.

After an extremely inspiring and intense week, I believe that any company in attendance is ready to build a B Corp future rooted in scalable humility and integrity.  Together our community is strong, and with every day it is only growing stronger and larger.  We have reached the tipping point. In a world seeking genuine interactions and authenticity- qualities B Corporations inherently embody- it is only a matter of time before we have larger change seekers joining our community and drinking the B Corp “kool-aid”.

“There are only two mistakes one can make along the road to truth; not going all the way, and not starting.”- Buddah.

Let’s take this community all the way, embedding standards of integrity, environmental preservation and community building to mainstream business practices and beyond.